Salt and Ice Melt

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Ice Melt and Bulk Salt

Solutions for Winter Safety

Nobody wants to fall, but when the snow flies and the ice forms things get slippery. At American Stone, we have some of the best solutions for whatever you need.

Are you a homeowner with sidewalks, pavers, or even flagstone patios and paths? We carry ice melt that is formulated with just you in mind. It is safe to use on all these surfaces. And best of all, it will help keep you and your loved ones upright while navigating your yardscape.

We have a great solution for contractors too. If you are responsible for a parking lot or private roadway, you can buy salt in bulk. Need some right now? Head over to one of our Utah locations to get salt by the square yard.

Whatever your need, American Stone is here to help keep you safe during the season of snow and ice.

Melting Mountains Ice Melt
(Red bag)

Special Order only - Available only at Utah locations  

Blue Heat Ice Melt
(Blue bag)

Available at all American Stone Locations

Melting Mountains Ice Melt
15.99 15.99 USD
Blue Heat Ice Melt
8.99 8.99 USD